5 Online Shopping Myths

Online shopping isn’t as transparent as you think! The Luxe Link®, your New York City-based luxury personal shopping service, dispels the top five myths, when it comes to cross-border shopping.

Myth #1 – The item I want is “sold out.”

Sometimes, when a retailer cannot deliver an item to your city, they’ll show that item as “sold out” in their store. Solution: send us your request. We’re located in New York City, and can find if something at a USA-based retailer is truly sold out.

Myth #2 – The shipping costs are too high.

Our delivery fees are the lowest they’ve ever been, and our exclusive delivery partner is FedEx, for to your door service! Our rates:

  • Standard – fits four dresses (17” x 12” x 3”) – US$35
  • Small – fits one pair of shoes (12” x 9” x 6”) – US$45
  • Medium – fits two pairs of shoes (13” x 9” x 11”) – US$55
  • Large – Fits one handbag (17” x 17” x 7”) – US$80

Myth #3 – Shopping concierge services mark up the prices of the goods.

We don’t! The Luxe Link is proud to say that we have a zero dollar mark up policy. This means that the belt you found online for US$450 that won’t ship to your home city … that belt will remain $450 when you ask for our help.

Myth #4 – There are hidden costs with shopping concierge services.

Not with us! The Luxe Link is completely transparent about our charges. We provide a detailed cost summary for every order, before a client decides to purchase, including any applicable taxes, delivery fees, our service fee, and more. There will never be any surprise charges when you shop with us.

Myth #5 – Sizing is too difficult to judge online.

We’ve over 10 years’ experience and our Luxury Specialists always advise our clients on brands which run larger or smaller. We also regularly ask for precise measurements of – for example – a client’s feet, to ensure we purchase the absolute correct size. It’s all part of the service!

Let us be your personal shopping service based in New York today; we deliver to cities worldwide! Use our Request page, email us: orders@theluxelink.com or contact us on WhatsApp: +1 646 785 9848.

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