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G-Star Raw!

In our continuing series featuring our retail partners, The Luxe Link® is showcasing G-Star RAW today. “Did You Know…”

  1. G-Star RAW was founded in 1989?
  2. is based in Amsterdam?
  3. was originally named “Gap Star” but renamed themselves because they didn’t want anyone to be confused with “The Gap?”
  4. in 1996, they started producing raw denim (meaning unwashed and untreated)?
  5. military clothing and designs from around the world are their inspo?
  6. In 2010 they implemented a sandblasting ban to protect workers from exposure to silica dust?
  7. in 2014, “RAW for the Oceans” was launched? (It was a collab between G-Star and Bionic Yarn, Pharrell Williams’ textile company, resulting in a denim collection made from recycled plastic recovered from the ocean.)
  8. in 2016, Pharrell Williams became a co-owner? (Pretty cool.) 

So now you know!

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(Images: G-Star Raw.)

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