Case Study:
Direct Purchasing

The Luxe Link® is your luxury concierge shopping service in New York City. Our team of Luxury Specialists will always help with your USA-based shopping. But we know that sometimes all you need is to be pointed in the right direction, rather than our full set of services. And we’re here for that too!

We’ve recently created a page on our site called SHOP. Here, you’ll find the season’s hottest looks, the newest items in-store and many other things we love! We update this page constantly, and feature retailers who offer global delivery, so you can happily shop to your heart’s content. We’ll give you a concrete example of why we’ve added this service: clients like Carol.

  • Carol wanted to purchase one item from a USA-based retailer.
  • Even with our smallest box, there would still be plenty of room for other items to be delivered to her for the same flat rate, but her order was for one single item.
  • We confirmed the retailer would be able to deliver to her city.
  • We gave Carol the option to save money on our delivery fees, and our 10% service charge, and shop directly with the retailer instead.
  • We simply provided Carol a check-out link for her to purchase the item on her own.

Shopping this way means the items will arrive directly from the retailer, and will not be inspected by our team for quality assurance and accuracy. It also means that we would not be able to assist in case of a return. We understand that sometimes, you don’t need our full lineup of services, but we’re never more than a click away!

Tell us how we can help with your USA-based shopping needs. Contact us via our Request page, email us: or find us on WhatsApp: +1 646 785 9848.

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