Dollars and

The Luxe Link® helps you shop at all your favorite brands and department stores, and we never mark-up the prices on the items we purchase for our clients. This means if we find that sweater you requested for US$450, that is truly the amount that you will be charged for that sweater. There are never any hidden fees at The Luxe Link, and we are able to easily explain our pricing structure to new clients: we charge a simple and straightforward 10% service charge.

As your luxury personal shopping service, it’s important to us that all our clients know that our 10% service fee is honest and transparent. We purchase exactly what our clients ask us for, and we also provide a full and detailed cost summary before our clients decide to purchase. Our cost summary explains every line item in your invoice, such as any applicable taxes, FedEx delivery fees and our service charge. And there are never any nasty surprises, because nothing is hidden!

What are you looking for? Tell us how we can help you today, and let us be your luxury, cross-border, personal shopping service based in New York City. We deliver to addresses worldwide. Use our Request page, email us: or contact us on WhatsApp: +1 646 785 9848.

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