How Do You Know When Something Is Truly
Sold Out?

Lately The Luxe Link® has fielded some client requests for “sold out” items, only to find some of them weren’t truly sold out! Why is this?

  1. Agreements between wholesalers and retailers around the world mean sometimes items are available in one country, but not in another. So some retailers show that an item is “out of stock” online, but it’s actually code for “cannot be delivered to your country.”
  2. Multiple retailers carry the exact same items. What’s out of stock at retailer A is actually available at retailer B … or C … We have an extensive network of retailers, so this type of detective work is simply a part of our service. We’re your luxury personal shopping service which keeps looking until we’ve exhausted all our options.
  3. And if we’ve combed through all of our retailers and still can’t find an item, we can contact the brand directly — especially as so many of them, including The Luxe Link®, are based in the USA — to ask if they accept special orders. Some brands definitely do, so we are able to help our clients after all!

Whatever your online shopping issues are — seemingly sold out items or websites which do not accept non-USA-based credit cards — we can help you! Every day, we use our network of online and traditional retailers to help our clients find rare and exclusive items. Save yourself time and effort, and let us do the work for you. Contact us today via our Request page; email us: or find us on WhatsApp: +1 646 785 9848. We’re here to be your online personal shopping service, and we deliver worldwide!

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