Let Us Help You
Save Money!

We help our clients save money every day. How does The Luxe Link® do this?

  1. We are a service and not a retailer; we never mark up the cost of the goods we purchase on behalf of our clients. We are based in New York City, and purchase in local currency. Many online retailers add a 10% to 20% premium when converting prices to your home currency.
  2. We have offices in New York and New Jersey, and can save you money on sales taxes for many of your requests.
  3. We can consolidate your order into the fewest number of boxes possible. You can request items from five different retailers (or as many as you’d like, really); we’ll wait until everything has arrived in our offices before we repack into just one box. So you’ll only pay for delivery to your home once, instead of from so many individual retailers.

Remember: we don’t have any hidden fees! We’re a luxury personal shopping service with a straightforward 10% service fee. Tell us what we can help you find today, and don’t forget that we deliver worldwide! Send us a Request; email us: orders@theluxelink.com or use WhatsApp: +1 646 785 9848.

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