One Size Does Not
Fit All!

The Luxe Link® knows that sizing can vary wildly across brands and designers. Wouldn’t you love for someone to provide precise advice? In an ideal world, when shopping online, you would order several sizes of the same item and choose the best fit. But then you would be stuck with paying for all the items, including duties and taxes. And of course, eventually you would be back in line at the post office with returns.

So maybe you try to save yourself some time and money, and just buy the size you think you need. But what if it’s the wrong size, and you try to exchange it? There’s always that chance that your size has already been sold out while your return is in transit.

Spare yourself from all these hassles and let The Luxe Link® do that work for you! We are a luxury personal shopping service based in New York City, and we provide our clients with this type of specialized help all the time. Clients simply give our Luxury Specialists with their measurements; our team then orders several sizes on the client’s behalf, chooses the best fit and returns everything else at no extra charge.

That’s just one more example of our premium personal shopping service, available to all clients. We’re here to help; use our Request page, email us: or contact us on WhatsApp: +1 646 785 9848.

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