Personal Shopper or
Package Forwarder?

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You know The Luxe Link is all about great service. But every once in a while, another option might be better for you, so here’s a little advice!

When you send The Luxe Link a request, we locate your items and buy them; we make sure the retailer sends us the correct items, and that they’re in perfect condition (and if they’re not, we return and exchange them for you without charge); then we carefully repack everything and send them off via FedEx, our delivery partner. A couple of days later, everything is delivered straight to your doorstep. But sometimes, you might not need such extensive services, so a parcel forwarding service might be useful.

What Is a Parcel Forwarding Service?

A parcel forwarding service gives you a USA-based shipping address, when you sign up with them. This allows you to buy items online and have them delivered to a USA-based address. Once the package forwarding service receives your items, they’ll deliver them to your home country. Here are some popular options, in case you want to check them out: Shipito, Stackry, MyUS, USA2Me and Planet Express.

How Do You Choose?

If you’re trying to decide on whether or not to use a package forwarding service, our advice, first and foremost: do your research! Make sure you’re going with a legitimate organization with experience delivering to your home country, and read all the fine print to protect yourself before you take the plunge. We also advise our clients that parcel forwarding services might be a good idea when you’re not in a rush; when you feel confident about handling returns on your own: and when you’re shipping outsize or very large items.

An Additional Level of Service

If you’re looking for a personal shopper who can help you in Japanese, we recently met Mako Takemori, a fashion consultant based in Vancouver, Canada, who’s fully bilingual. She runs Pulinet, an online fashion consultancy.

We’re here to help, whatever your shopping needs may be. Tell us what we can do for you! Use our Request page, email us: or contact us on WhatsApp: +1 646 785 9848. We’re your luxury personal shopping service based in New York City, and we deliver worldwide.

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