Pre-Order Now, Before
Everything’s Gone!

The Luxe Link® is revisiting this topic today because it’s prime pre-ordering season right now! So many USA-based retailers are accepting pre-orders for Fall 2017, and as your New York City-based luxury shopping service, we’re here help. In fact, even as we type this, we spotted some sequined booties which are already “sold out” in so many sizes, even though they’re not scheduled to arrive for weeks. So don’t miss out! Here’s how we can help you:

  • USA-based luxury retailers publicize items which are “coming soon” in their online stores. Usually, pre-ordering is limited to USA-based shoppers only.
  • We’re based in New York, so we have access to all pre-orders.
  • When you see pre-order items you’d like, we’ll help by immediately registering on your behalf.
  • You’ll only pay for that pre-order once we receive it.
  • With our network, we can pre-order via multiple channels to ensure you enjoy the quickest delivery possible; and we’ll do this for no extra charge to you.

And don’t forget: we are a personal shopping service which delivers to cities worldwide. Contact us via our Request page, email us: or find us on WhatsApp: +1 646 785 9848.


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