And all the answers



And all the answers

Simply complete the Request page, and send us a weblink or screenshot; or use WhatsApp or share any online wish list with us via email. Do let us know important details such as size, color and quantity, so that our Luxury Specialists can assist you as quickly as possible.

Virtually anything, as long as the items are not prohibited nor restricted for shipping. We specialize in luxury apparel and accessories, but many of our clients request gift certificates, iTunes Gift Cards, tickets to various sporting events and concierge services. Our Luxury Specialists love a challenge.

There is no minimum order, but our personalized service works best when you allow your Luxury Specialists to help you purchase items from several different retailers, to save you money on shipping.

We will cover the cost of standard shipping from the retailer to The Luxe Link. For time-sensitive requests, or special orders, we may have to pass on the rush shipping charges to you. But rest assured, a detailed cost summary is always provided before you make your final decision, so there are no surprises. In addition, our Luxury Specialists are trained to minimize such costs.

Many online retailers do not charge sales tax unless they have a physical presence in New York City. Our Luxury Specialists are trained to minimize the sales tax, and may therefore select a different retailer than you originally requested for your items. Your detailed cost summary will indicate if any sales tax has been charged.

We accept Paypal and all major credit cards. Wire transfers are also accepted, and your Luxury Specialist can provide further details.

We offer two options to our clients: prepaid duties or duties payable upon delivery. For prepaid duties, your Luxury Specialist will provide you the amount owed as a line item in your cost summary before you make your purchase, so there will not be any surprises. For duties payable upon delivery, FedEx is our exclusive delivery partner, and will deliver your items and bill you separately.

To provide our clients with the highest levels of service, and use FedEx International exclusively for all packages. Delivery is guaranteed within two to five business days to all major locations, and real-time tracking information is provided as well. Using FedEx exclusively also provides us with a volume discount that we pass on to our clients.

Your detailed cost summary will always show your FedEx charges. Your Luxury Specialist is trained to minimize these costs on your behalf. Below are some estimated shipping charges:

Standard FedEx Box – fits four dresses (17” x 12” x 3”) – US$35
Small – fits one pair of shoes (12” x 9” x 6”) – US$45
Medium – fits two pairs of shoes (13” x 9” x 11”) – US$55
Large – Fits one handbag (17” x 17” x 7”) – US$80

Your initial orders must be shipped to your billing address to confirm your identity. Once a relationship with The Luxe Link has been established, we can ship to you anywhere in the world. We can also help you with sending gifts to multiple recipients.

All changes or cancellations should take place before we ship your items to their final destination.

Returns are accepted, subject to the policy of the specific retailer used to complete your request. In general, we purchase items from retailers who accept returns within 30 to 60 days, but some designer boutiques have a stricter return policy. Return shipping to The Luxe Link is the responsibility of the client. If you are unsure about an item, please ask your Luxury Specialist for the specific return policy related to your request.

If you wish to return an item, contact your Luxury Specialist as soon as possible, and we will help you process a return. No returns are accepted without prior approval from your Luxury Specialist.