Sometimes Retailers
Make Mistakes!

“Global delivery!” It’s pretty commonplace for big retailers these days. But when the retailer makes a mistake and sends you the wrong item, you’re:

  • Dealing with a return and standing in line at the post office;
  • Dealing with a return and waiting for a courier pick up;
  • Dealing with a return and, chances are, losing out on the duties and taxes you’ve already paid.

See a pattern here? Your time is precious and luxury shopping deserves personal attention. You shouldn’t be at the mercy of bots that incorrectly filled your order; nor should you have to deal with a customer service person at a distant call center who doesn’t care that the retailer made a mistake.

That’s why with The Luxe Link® there isn’t a bot in sight. We’re a team of real people in New York City, and we care about everything we help our clients purchase. We believe luxury shopping should come with luxury service, and we inspect every item for accuracy and damage before delivering to your doorstep. We see retailer errors every week, and handle them all in your favor at no extra cost.

Let us be your luxury personal shopping service today! We source and purchase in the USA, and deliver to doorsteps worldwide. What are you looking for? Use our Request page, email us: or contact us on WhatsApp: +1 646 785 9848.

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