The Five Best Ways to Use
The Luxe Link

You probably already know that placing a request with The Luxe Link® is a breeze: just use our Request page; email us: or find us on WhatsApp: +1 646 785 9848. And you may also know that we can help you with so much more than just apparel and accessories, including tickets to events, shopping advice and more. So today we’re giving you insiders’ tips on how to have the best experience with us!

  1. Let us help with multiple orders simultaneously. As part of our service, we consolidate all your purchases into the fewest number of boxes possible, saving you on delivery fees.
  1. Tell us if you’re in a hurry. While we rely on retailers’ timing to deliver to our offices (so that we can inspect your purchases for accuracy and quality before we send them on to you), occasionally we are able to rush them along.
  1. Don’t hesitate on a request. Hot items sell out fast. If there’s something you have your eye on, tell us asap!
  1. Give us as many details as possible when you place your request, including size, color, quantity, and so on. The more information we have, the faster our Luxury Specialists will be able to find your items.
  1. We make gift giving so easy. Just leave it all in our hands—the hunting, gift wrapping, card writing and delivery. We’ll happily take care of it all for you.

Shop with The Luxe Link today; tell us how we can help you!

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