The Lowdown On
Package Forwarding

Recently, a client asked whether we can ship their purchases to a USA-based package forwarding company, and we absolutely can! While we advise against this route when our clients are in a rush, what you don’t save in time, you may save in money, as most of the packages The Luxe Link® handles can be shipped by FedEx Ground to the package forwarding service for just $10 to $15.

How do parcel forwarding services work?

Entities such as Stackry, Planet Express, MyUS, Vyking Ship, ReShip, Shipito and others provide you a USA-based address when you sign up with them, and that’s the address you use when you’re shopping with USA-based retailers. Once your packages are sent to them, they ship your goods to you in your home country.

Package forwarders offer various levels of service. Here are just a few highlights:

  • Stackry has no membership or joining fees
  • Planet Express has an arm called Shop For Me (a shopping service)
  • MyUS is located in a tax-free zone in Florida
  • Vyking Ship will hold your packages for up to 180 days without charge
  • Shipito has an app on iOS and Android for ease of use

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