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“Delivering Luxury, Worldwide” is our motto, but The Luxe Link® also has a strong “Clients First” philosophy, which drives our team forward every day. Of course, we’re delighted when our clients love their purchases, but equally important is that they are happy with all our services. Here are the rules we live by, as your luxury personal shopping service based in New York City:

  1. BE QUICK. We respond to clients’ requests as soon as possible, because we know how quickly coveted items can sell out!
  1. BE TRANSPARENT. We never mark up the prices of the goods we help our clients purchase. We charge a straightforward 10% service fee, no matter which retailer we purchase your items from or how long it takes for us to source your requests.
  1. HELP SAVE MONEY. We consolidate your purchases into the fewest number of boxes possible, to save you money on delivery. Our Luxury Specialists are also trained to minimize any possible sales taxes for you, too!
  1. ASK. We always want to get it right. Our Luxury Specialists may ask clients for details such as the precise length of their feet in centimeters to ensure the perfect fit or the exact finish of a leather (pebbled, smooth, patent, etc.) to guarantee we found the correct bag.
  1. COMMUNICATE. We keep our clients posted on each stage of their order, from tracking down their items to when their boxes are en route. We think it’s vital for your peace of mind!
  1. BE HELPFUL. Above all, we are a service, and not a re-seller of goods. We are here to help, even if it’s just dispensing styling advice or opining on the latest fashion trends.
  1. BE A SOURCE. Our Luxury Specialists always have their ears to the ground when it comes to New York’s latest boutique openings, brand launches, seasonal sales, and more. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram, so you won’t miss a thing.
  1. BE DETAILED. We want you to have exactly what you asked for, every time. So leave it to us to sort out whether that sweater you spotted is in blush, rose, pink, flush or coral.
  1. OFFER ALTERNATIVES. Every once in a while, even with our vast network, we aren’t able to fulfill a request. When that happens, we always try to offer other options. Recently, a client asked us to help her find a particular Chanel bag in blue. Unfortunately, it was completely sold out, but we did find the same bag in black, which our client was happy to have instead. Win!
  1. LOOK AHEAD. We’re always happy to help with pre-orders. Often, we’re able to purchase items weeks or months in advance, to guarantee that those items will already be in your closet when the next season comes around. Just send us a request!

Let us be your online personal shopper today! Use our Request page, email us: or find us on WhatsApp: +1 646 785 9848.



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