We Comparison Shop
For You

Recently we were asked, “Do you check the prices from different retailers, before you purchase my request for me?”

The short answer from The Luxe Link®: “Absolutely!”

As your luxury personal shopping service, we know that online pricing can vary wildly. We also know that comparison shopping is really time consuming. So let our team of Luxury Specialists handle everything for you! Once the team at The Luxe Link® receives a request, we always check and re-check for the best option for our clients. We consider pricing, we look into return policies, and we factor in dependability and speed.

  • Return policy: imagine if a sweater is US$10 less from Retailer A versus Retailer B, but the latter has an “all sales final” policy. What if — once you received the sweater — you discover it doesn’t fit? Wouldn’t you rather have purchased it from Retailer A which has a full refund policy?
  • Dependability: not all retailers are created equal. Some make mistakes more often than others. Some are slow to update their sites, showing availability of stock when this may not be true. We shop with only the best and most reliable retailers.
  • Speed: retailers operate at different speeds, and we understand our clients are sometimes in a rush. We know to avoid certain retailers when our clients tell us they are in a hurry.

Our team of personal shopping experts have their ears to the ground of the retail scene, and we work hard to help you make the best decision on your purchase every time. Let us be your personal shopper in New York City today! Use our Request page, email us: orders@theluxelink.com or contact us on WhatsApp: +1 646 785 9848.



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