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Happy New Year, everyone! Did Santa bring you everything you wanted? If not, The Luxe Link® is here for you!

We’re your luxury personal shopping service based in New York City. From pre-orders (spring/summer 2018 is now available!) to limited editions (new kicks, anyone?) and from tiny indie labels to giant global brands, it’s all at our fingertips; just send us a request.

For a straightforward 10% service fee, we:

  • locate and purchase your requests;
  • provide you a detailed cost summary, including taxes, delivery fees and more;
  • receive everything at our offices and inspect each item for quality and accuracy; and
  • pack everything meticulously, before your items are delivered to your doorstep via FedEx.

With just a few clicks, we can help with all your hearts desires, from clothing and accessories to concert and sporting events tickets, and so much more. We’re your online luxury personal shopping service, so tell us what you’re looking for today! Use our Request page; email us orders@theluxelink.com or find us on WhatsApp: +1 646 785 9848.

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