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We’re answering some of your most recent questions in today’s blog post!

  1. Why should I use The Luxe Link? Luxury department stores deliver to me; it says so on their website.
    Generally, USA-based department stores do deliver outside of the country. But we know for certain that not every item in their inventory can be delivered to your doorstep, due to regional brand restrictions, for example. And this is exactly why our clients use us. We allow them to shop “like a local,” giving them access to USA-based retailers as if they lived right here in New York City!
  2. I want to buy things from a bunch of different places. Can you help me with that?
    Definitely; in fact, that’s the best way to shop with us! Our delivery partner is FedEx, and delivery fees are segmented by the size of a box. So whether that box contains one item or four items, the delivery fee will not change. By completely filling up a box, you’re actually saving yourself money. We always recommend shopping this way to all our clients.
  3. Is your service charge different for requests from super luxury brands?
    The Luxe Link’s service fee is always a straightforward 10%, and we never mark up the prices on the goods we help clients purchase. There are no hidden fees, and clients will always receive a line-by-line summary including applicable taxes, delivery fees, etc. before they buy, so there are never any surprise charges.
  4. Can you help me with more than just clothes?
    Absolutely. While apparel and accessories requests are what we see most often, there’s more! We also help our clients purchase iTunes Gift Cards, all kinds of gadgets (smart phones, Bluetooth speakers and headphones, to name a few), and even tickets (to sporting events, Broadway shows, and concerts, for instance).
  5. Can you help me buy something even if the brand doesn’t have a store New York City?
    Definitely! We will help you shop from just about any retailer. Some of our clients’ favorite brands are located on the West Coast of the United States, while other labels are online only. We will happily source and shop from across the country on your behalf.

The Luxe Link is ready to be your luxury personal shopping service. Use our Request page, email us: orders@theluxelink.com or contact us on WhatsApp: +1 646 785 9848 and tell us what we can help you find today!

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