You Asked,
We’re Answering!

Our clients ask some really good questions! So we at The Luxe Link® thought we should answer some of the most recent ones in today’s blog post. You asked: “What should I do if…”

“I ordered something then go on vacation?”

That’s no problem at all! Let us know your travel dates, and we will happily hold all your packages, to ensure delivery after your holiday. It’s just one more service we provide!

“the site I’m shopping on says the bag I want is sold out?”

Definitely send us a request. We’ve seen it so many times! So many retailers label items as “sold out” when they can’t be delivered to your destination. Let us assess for you whether an item is truly sold out.

“the limited edition sneakers I want sold out weeks ago?”

Send us a request! We field these requests all the time, and have a network of trusted sneaker resellers who carry the most coveted kicks on the net. And guess what? We all happen to be based in New York City!

“I’m in a hurry?”

Just let us know. We are often able to fulfill clients’ wishes within one week, from the time we receive your request to the time you receive your items. But sometimes, when all the stars are aligned, we are able to shave a day or two off from that timeline. Let your Luxury Specialist know if you have a deadline, and we’ll do our best to meet it!.

“I don’t know what to give someone?”

Our team of Luxury Specialists are expert shoppers. All we need are some likes and dislikes of the gift recipient, and your budget, and we’ll do the rest. We spare you from pouring through website after website of items which just aren’t right. We’ll provide a shortlist to you, and within a few minutes, you’ll have selected the perfect gift. (And don’t forget, we also offer Gift Certificates; available in any denomination, and they never expire.)

Let us be your online luxury personal shopping service in New York today! We deliver to cities worldwide, and no request is too small. Use our Request page, email us: or contact us on WhatsApp: +1 646 785 9848.


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