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Best Shopping Advice

Do you often find yourself spending hours online, searching for the best price for your desired purchase? How do you know if there’s another retailer offering a better price? Faster shipping? An upcoming sale? A more flexible return policy? You need someone who can help you navigate the retail landscape — both online and traditional brick-and-mortar — to ensure you’re making the right buying choices.

And that’s exactly what our Luxury Specialists are trained to do. With a centralized purchasing team in New York City, we search every corner of the USA for the most reputable online and traditional retailers to give you peace of mind.

Here are the key factors we consider when recommending a purchase to you:

  1. Overall price, including sales tax and/or product options.
  2. Fastest processing time, including delivery to our office.
  3. Most flexible return policy.
  4. Direct shipping option to save you our 10% premium service fee.

We’re here to help; use our Request page, email us: or contact us on WhatsApp: +1 646 785 9848.

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